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My name is Moosa. I am an Ithna-Ashari Shia Muslim. My interests lie in moral and scientific philosophy and researching Shia academia, hadith, and comparative theology. I hope my works and the selected works of my friends and opponents may give you some insight inshaAllah.

Who/What is Zurarah?

Zurarah ibn A'yan (may Allah be pleased with him) is one of the foremost companions of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq. It was related through Ahmad ibn Muhammad from Zurarah's grandson that:

"People would stand on his way every Friday, when Zurara left his house to say Friday prayer, in order to see his spiritual and magnificent face. He was a leading figure among Twelver rijal scholars in hadith sciences and jurisprudence, he was incomparable in theology so as no one could ever do better than him in theological discussions; a large number of Shi'a mutakallims (theologians) were students of Zurara. He lived for seventy or ninety years. Zurara is indescribable in many aspects, and I am unable to inscribe all which has been said about him."

It is because of his lofty status and beautiful character that I dedicate this website and its thawaab in his name.

Site Information and Article Submissions

Site Information

Many of my articles were my way of answering questions for myself or others or settling debates I have had on the Imamiyyah Discord Server or elsewhere in the Shia discord community. As a result, the quality may sometimes vary- and all of these articles are really just a work in progress. Many of my essays are compilations with the help of discussions with various ulema and books. I try my best to provide the strongest sources and the strongest arguments for all sides of any discussion. If, of course, you have any comments, you are free to respond on any of my comment sections.

Article Submission

As you may have already seen, I have a section where you may submit articles. I have no particular standard for accepting submissions; neither do I think it is necessary for the author to be Shia or Muslim, nor do I have any particular preference for a topic, nor do I even have to agree with it. As long as it has something to do with religion or philosophy, I will select your article if I think it is powerful.

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Please make dua for my friend Asyuti (@EgyptianTwelver) for making my site icon.