Recommended Reading

Including important ShiaChat threads and articles I tend to cite and recommend time and time again

Table of Contents

Islam in General

Rationality of Islam - Ayatollah Khoei

Islam - Inheritor of The True Shia of Jesus

Relevant Issues

Speakers and Querying Hadith Authenticity

Why is Mutah Allowed?

Foundation of an Islamic State

Islamic Pulse, Taqiyyah, etc.

Kalam and Aqeeda

God Created Evil?

Allah Chose Prophets & Leaders With Consultation

Can We Disagree With the Ulil Amr?

Salvation of Non-Shia

Sharh al-Itiqadat by Ayatollah Hossein Najafi


Educating Juoy - A Critique of the Feminist Narrative of the Charles Juoy Rape Case

Sexual Behavior in Pre-Contact Hawaii - Milton Diamond

Screw Consent - A Better Politics of Sexual Justice - Joseph M Fischel

Do Muslim Women Need Saving - Lila Abu Lughod

Women With Mustaches and Men Without Beards - Gender and Sexual Anxieties of Iranian Modernity - Asfaneh Najmabadi

Contest and Consent - A Legal History of Marital Rape

Promiscuity, Pedophilia, Rape, and the Significance of the Sexual

Foucault, Feminism, And Sex Crimes - An Anti-Carceral Analysis

Discipline and Punish - The Birth of the Prison - Michel Foucault

Just a Housewife - The Rise and Fall of Domesticity in America

The Issue of Slavery in Contemporary Islam - Mohsen Kadivar

Slavery and Islam - Johnathan AC Brown

Works by Sayyed Ali Sistani (H)

Sayyed Sistani on Usul al Fiqh in Twelver Shi'ism: Its Importance and Historical Phases

Sayyed Sistani on the Meaning of Ijtihad

Sayyed Sistani on Why Shi'a Hadith Contradict

Sayyed Sistani on Why Shi'a and Sunni Hadith Differ

Usul al Fiqh and Fiqh

The Manhaj of Sayyid al-Burujerdi

Ilm al Fiqh

Principle of Leniency in Deducing Proofs for Recommended Acts (Al Tasamuh fi Addilat al-Sunan)

Shara'i al-Islam Fi Masa'il al Halal Wal Haram by Allamah al Hilli (Volume 1 of Allamah Hilli's Resala)

An Introduction to Shi'i Law - A Biographical Study

From Bid'ah to Sunnah - The Third Shahada in the Adhan - Liyakat Takim


Crisis and Consolidation in the Formative Period of Shia Islam - Hossein Modarressi

A History of the Twelver Shiite Jurisprudence and Jurisprudents - Ja'far Subhani

Origins of the Shi'a - Identity, Ritual and Sacred Space in Eighth Century Kufa - Najam Haider

Ilm al Rijal

Reviewing Ghizzi's Lectures Against Ilm al Rijal (Part 2)

Shia & Sunni Ahadith Grading Methods?

Response to Hadith Rejecters [sic]

Rijal al Kashshi

Basic Rules in Ilm al Rijal (According to Al-Muhsini)

Did Ayatollah Khamenei Really Reject Our Rijal Books?

Preliminary Topics in Ilm al-Rijal

Essays on Rijal

Fallacy of Ilm al Rijal

Status of Hadith With a Majhul Narrator

The Authenticity of Ziyarat Ashura - Ayatollah Shubayri Zanjani

Tradition and Survival - A Bibliographical Survey of Early Shi'ite Hadith Literature - Hossein Modarressi


Mufadhal b. Umar Sinner or Saint?

Qiyas & The Mysterious Case of Ibn al-Junayd

Muhammad b Sinan - A Controversial Narrator

Did the Imam Curse Zurarah?


Mu'tabar Kamal ad-Deen

Tusi's Ghayba Selections

Jesus in Shia Hadith

The Hijab and the Divine Cloak

Dietary Advice of the Ahl al-Bayt

The Movement of Aql in Sunni Hadith

A Comprehensive Compilation of Reliable Narrations

Did the Sahaba Become Kafir?

Mu'tabar Hadith from Al-Kafi

Translation of Ma'rifat Al-Hadith by Behbudi

Al Kafi Mentions: Imam Died When They Wanted [Re?] [sic]

Nass al-Ridha

Al Sahih Wal Mu'tabar (Authentic and Accepted Hadiths About Imam Mahdi)

Hadith Studies

The Need for 'Ilm al Rijal

Some Thoughts on the Number of Reports from Imams

Why do Some Narrations Differ?

Al-Mufeed on Kitab Sulaym

Belief in the Authenticity of Al Kafi

Conflicts Between the Jurists and the Ghulat in the Time of Imam al Sadiq

Hadith - Johnathan AC Brown

In Praise of the Few - Etan Kohlberg

Contested Boundaries The Reception of Shia Narrators in Sunni Hadith - Michael Dann

The Four Hundred Usul - Sayyed Ali Shahristani


Al Bayan Fi Tafsir al Qur'an - Ayatollah Khoei

Introduction to the Science of Tafsir of the Qur'an

Early Debates on the Integrity of the Qur'an - Hossein Modarressi

Materials for the History of the Text of the Qur'an - Arthur Jeffreys

Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Did the Messenger Die a Natural Death?

How Many Daughters Did the Prophet Have?

[Video] How Many Daughters Did the Prophet Have?

Imam Hussain (AS)

Karbala: Sacrifice, Suffering, and Beauty

Imam Mahdi (AS)

The Minor Occultation

The Mahdi's Secret Birth

The Light Behind the Clouds

Hadith of Twelve Imams in Books Prior to Ghayba

Wiladat al-Qaim al-Mahdi

The Occultation of the Twelfth Imam (A Historical Background) - Jassim Hussein


Shaykh al-Tusi's Argument Against Waqifism

Twelve Imams vs. Seven Imams

"The Righteous Servant"

Who Washed Musa al-Kadhim

Will the Mahdi be Imprisoned?

Perpetual Guidance


Ibn Jawzi and the Cursing of Yazid

In Praise of the Caliphs: Re-Creating History from the Manaqib Literature

Aspects of the Creed of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal: A Study of Anthropomorphism in Early Islamic Discourse

Was Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal an Anthropomorphist?

The Authenticity of the Book "Kitab as Sunnah" of Imam Abdullah Ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal

The Prophet's Seating on the Throne

The Evil Consequences of Taqleed, Hizbiyyah and Partisanship

Mut'ah in the Fiqh of Ahlus Sunnah

Saduq's Polemical Sunni Chains

Answering the Response to the 17000 Hadith

Imamate in the Quran

Virtues of Imam Ali

Tirmidhi's Chapter on the Virtues of Ali

Response to Narrator Criticism in Sunni Rijal

Abu Hanifa and the Permissibility of Alcohol

Criticism of Sunni Kalam

Bugdh of Ibn Taymiyya

Necessity of Imamah (An Intellectual Argument)

Shia Authorities Relied Upon by Sunnis

Attack on the House of Fatima

Imam Ali (as) and Shura Consultation

If Mawla=Leader/Caliph Then Ali is Not Your Mawla

Imam Ali Said for Guidance Prophet Left Only Quran

Ghadir Was Not About Caliphate or Leadership

Belief of True Shia Concerning Bibi Aisha

Beware of Ghulat/Exaggerators/Boasters

Rules for Understanding Quran: A Task for Shias