Controversial Topics

NOTICE: This section is hidden at the bottom of the home page intentionally. The articles that are here are not meant for a lay audience. If you are someone who is not strong in his faith, I advise you to turn around immediately. The topics discussed are mostly wholly unpalatable to a Western-oriented mind and are in no way intended for lay-Shia. I present opinions on offensive jihad, stoning, slavery, gender roles, rape, and other such topics from various scholars and the hadith. If this is not for you, I once again remind you to turn around immediately.

As an added filter- I am restricting access to all of these documents to prevent their misuse by the enemies of Islam or to prevent misguiding anyone. You must explain to me who you are and why you want the document in question to receive access, and I reserve the right to restrict access to anyone.

DISCLAIMER: None of these articles necessarily reflect my personal opinion on these topics.